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Artist / Author name: Gary Ng

Date of publication: 2017 



Place of publication: Hong Kong



Dimensions: 148mm (w) x 210mm (h)



Edition size: 50 (limited edition)



Cover/binding Type: machine sewn binding



Type of printing: digital print



Number of pages: 52 (self covered)



Publisher: self published



Language: English



When I began photographing my family and my immediate surroundings in 2013, I was in a state of transition. Studies finished, meeting my wife, got married, having a baby boy, then it comes with responsibilities, duties and struggles. I strongly felt the need to examine the meaning in everyday life by taking snapshots, and that’s how “1+1=3” was born. A cigarette that bears a lipstick traces, a broken egg, an evening landscape, portrait of a pregnant wife, a new born baby, etc are not just the moments of life or a fragment of memories, they are the images questioning the existential issues of human kind.

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