Bifrost – Untitled 3

Price: €350.00

In stock: Yes

Artist / Author name: Espen Krukhaug

Photographer: Espen R. Krukhaug

Name of the plate:  Bifröst – Untitled

Name of series: Bifröst

Size: 38cm x 38cm - Framed
Edition size: 5

Print type: c print

Paper type: Satin Matt


Summary about the project:


The series “Bifröst” explores the realm of insomnia, a condition endured by millions of people, including myself and the models featured in this book. Using our own experiences as a basis, we have tried to portray the strange and delirious thoughts brought on by lack of sleep. As with an ill person or an addict, this loss of control can trick one's perception, clouding the usual distinctions between reality and dream. When body and soul are deprived of the proper experience of wakefulness and sleep, the result is an abnormal existence in which the mind seems to feed on itself. In this environment, even the smallest obstacles or concerns can seem insurmountable.


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