Unquiet Void

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Artist / Author name: Helena Bosdal

Date of publication: 23 June 2016

Place of publication: Oslo, Norway

Dimensions: 28.0 x 41.3 cm

Edition size: 30

Cover/binding Type: Stapled softcover

Type of printing: Digital

Number of pages: 48 pages, 25 plates

Publisher: Self-published

Language: English





Unquiet Void is an exploration of being without the most essential, human part of you, your sense of self. Floating, breathing, being. Eyes open, you see the world you’re in, but not part of. Trying to connect to no avail, and quickly you don’t have the energy to try any longer. Unquiet Void looks upon the connection between the mind and the world when you're in a state of depression. Submerged in this substance the people are in the world, but cannot be one with it.

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