Ciudad Sur

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Artist / Author name: Sergio Castaneira

Date of publication: may 2016

Place of publication: Cadiz ( Spain)

Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm A5

Edition size: A5

Cover/binding Type:Softcover

Type of printing: Offset

Number of pages: 58

Publisher: Ediciones Anomalas

Language: English & Spanish.

ISBN: 978-84-608-7527-7



During 2 years I was living in a suburb of Seville and walked everyday crossing an urban limit to my working place. It was situated in the known city, the one that appears in the tourist map of the city. In this period of time that limit that now divides a road was before a river, hidden at present. It is in a state of neglect and considering the transformation of the city it remains a barrier among the residents of the suburb of Seville and the residents of the inner city. These images were what I found. I took them in an intuitive and a periodic way. They are like a jigsaw of images, which are part of a city inside another city, a city far from maps, called Ciudad Sur.”

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