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Artist / Author name: Christoph Kohlmann

Date of publication: October 2015

Place of publication: Berlin

Dimensions: 18 x 22,5 cm

Edition size: 200 (numbered)

Cover/binding Type: Softcover, swiss bound, thread stitched

Type of printing: Digital

Number of pages: 112

Publisher: Christoph Kohlmann

Language: German


The work „Weltreise“ (World Tour) is dealing with the perception of everyday spaces in a wealthy
society shaped by digital communication. Gentle social criticism and a good amount of admiration for
the world go hand in hand and lead to dry images full of subtle wonders. A world tour – mostly photographed
in Berlin and it‘s surroundings – sure there‘s a bit of irony in it. But the title is also raising
sincere philosophic questions: Where‘s the everyday ending and where‘s the journey starting? Isn‘t „the
world“ around „here“, too? Can and should something only be fascinating if it‘s unfamiliar and exotic?



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