China In Progress

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Artist / Author name: Rosa Rodriguez

Date Of Publication: 2015

Place of Publication: Madrid

Dimensions; 21 x 29,7 cm

Edition size; 100 + 15

Cover/binding type; Softcover / staples

Type of printing: Digittal Colr Printing, paper Cylus 115 gr

Number of pages; 28 pages

Publisher: Self-Published

Language: English




In today's capitalist world, the communist regime continues to fight to maintain its ideology and positioning without giving up the profits associated with consumer market access.

Urban development continues to spread throughout the country, replacing traditional neighborhoods with skyscrapers that are rising everywhere. A new society is emerging, a place where old traditions and ideologies coexist with new generations that are armed with the ideals of a globalized world.

This project represents the final piece of an earlier project called Moscow White Dreams, which was developed between 2013 and 2014. Russia and China, the two largest countries in the world that had--and have--communist regimes, highlight the complexity of communist regimes in a capitalist world.

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