Jakob resting

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Artist / Author name: Goran Turnsek

Photographer: Goran Turns?ek
Name of the photography: Jakob resting Name of series: Jakob
Size: 30 x 45 cm
Edition size: 15
Print type: c-type




Project ‘Jakob’ is a photographic research about the artist’s grandfather Jakob Emers?ic? who accidentally got killed during hunting in 1993. Through self-portaits the artist reveals his grandfather’s memories; how he walked and stood as well as the stories being told by his family. The project took place in a ‘for sale house’ in Goran’s native village Zabovci in Slovenia, where he lived together with his grandparents for several years. The 70’s decoration in the house depicts the nostalgia from Yugoslavian times; something that might be lost for ever once the house is sold. Goran used the house as a stage on which he acts his grandfather’s daily rituals such as washing, grafting apples, heating up the house and getting himself a drink. The project is presented in a green coffe-table book.


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